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35 Simple Blog Topics For You To Choose From

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Picture this: You are surrounded by numerous cups of coffee, staring at a blank Word document on the computer screen, where you have been stuck from the get go. Being overwhelmed by the intention to create a stellar piece of content, you cannot narrow it down to just one topic. Or the opposite: You have exhausted every option and are out of things to write about. We have all been there. ¬†Writer’s block hits everyone at one point or another.

Provided below are some of the main concepts and blog post types that are widely used by both experts and mid-class bloggers. The sky is the limit.


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Review posts

  • 1. Your opinion on a software or an app. A comparison of two products is also an option.

  • 2. What book or industry magazine have you read last week? Would you recommend it to others?

  • 3. Your thoughts on a newly launched website/social media platform.

  • 4. Your perspective on that movie everyone has been talking about.

  • 5. Your review of a study program and/or training course.

Recap posts

  • 6. How was your recent volunteer experience?

  • 7. Was there an awards ceremony in your industry?

  • 8. Recap of a debate/talk show someone you know has been a part of.

  • 9. Some insight regarding a conference or trade show you attended.

  • 10. Summary of the webinar you hosted or were a part of not long ago.

List posts

  • 11. Best motivational speakers or writers.

  • 12. E-books and podcasts your audience could benefit from.

  • 13. Top-notch business apps or SEO tools.

  • 14. List of Twitter accounts everyone needs to follow.

  • 15. Number of blog topic ideas (I know; this one is genius.)


  • 16. What do your customers have to say about your business or product? This one can be with a hint of self-promotion, why not?

  • 17. Ask an expert: If you find an opportunity to talk to a person with a lot of authority within your field, it will boost your website’s traffic and credibility.

  • 18. Ask your coworkers to share their thoughts and valuable experience.

  • 19. Talk to your mentor, a person who was your first teacher and role model.

  • 20. Experiment a little: Interview a person who is not in any way related to your industry, but someone you find interesting.

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Tutorials/educational posts

Visual content posts

  • 26. Slide presentation: Here is a chance to share your knowledge and show off your creative side at the same time!

  • 27. Photo post: Images usually receive more views than plain text.

  • 28. Infographic: Make sure you know exactly which type you would like to work on.

  • 29. Informative video: The story behind your brand, a day in someone’s life, short documentary, etc.

  • 30. Comics: They are funny, and people like funny. If the comics are amusing enough, your content could go viral.

Literally anything else

  • 31. Case Studies: Take a real-life brand, provide a brief background story, list the obstacles they had to face, explain how the company solved the issue, and include the results.

  • 32. News: Did you witness an event that was especially amusing, shocking, or memorable?

  • 33. Definitions: You can utilize this type of blog post on a regular basis (Word of the Day, for instance.)

  • 34. Provide links to share content you think is original and may serve a purpose to the reader. Chances are, the audience will appreciate your efforts.

  • 35. Inspire and motivate others by telling a story (if you are particularly lazy, a link to an inspirational TED talk with a commentary should do the trick.)

Deciding on the topic that would keep your reader entertained is challenging, and doing so with consistency is not a piece of cake either. This list of blog topics may help you or someone overcome whatever fears or frustrations and get straight to writing!

Now that you have thirty-five ideas to pool from, what is your favorite type of blog post? What will your next topic be?

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Enstine Muki

Nov 5th, 2013 - 10:09 am
Excellent post Viktoriya and thanks for sharing these topics. I love interviews as you get others to develop the content for you.

Do have a nice week ahead Reply

Viktoriya Semyrodenko

Nov 6th, 2013 - 5:25 pm
Thanks, Enstine, much appreciated! I love the interviews because it's always great to hear someone else's story/opinion on things. Happy Wednesday! Reply

Bryan Haines

Oct 24th, 2013 - 11:45 am
Nice, these are great ideas. In addition, I would like to add a post I wrote a couple of months ago: It includes 73 blog post ideas... Reply

Helen Nesterenko

Oct 24th, 2013 - 8:02 pm
Bryan, checked out your article - it has very nice images :) Great job! Reply
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