13 Sources of Inspiration for Content Creation

Sources of Inspiration for Content Creation

Inspiration… A notion that can hardly be explained and, at times, is even harder to find.

Some writers say that only hard work and professionalism will help them to create outstanding pieces of literary art. Others try to assure you that inspiration is of paramount importance for content creation, and without it, all the other frenzied effort is useless.

Well, opinions are as varied as clouds in the sky.

I would personally say that inspiration is the most important criteria for success in any writing process. It helps make mediocre writing great, and great writing dazzling. Inspiration is a kind of magic: we’re all happy when we have it, and we’re frustrated when it vanishes.

We’ve all had times when we woke up in the morning, drank a cup of coffee, went to our laptops to create a new post or continue writing a novel, sat looking at the screen for some time… and suddenly realized that we didn’t know what to write about.

Those who have ever experienced writer’s block know how helpless one feels when inspiration fades away. But the truth is that inspiration is everywhere, so we just need open our hearts and souls and notice it.

Those who have ever experienced writer’s block know how helpless one feels when inspiration fades away. But the truth is that inspiration is everywhere, so we just need open our hearts and souls and notice it.

Just as the writing process is individualistic, so too are the sources that inspire us.

We have asked different experts to share their personal sources of inspiration for creating great content, and hope that their advice, together with our own ideas, will spark your creativity.

1. Look around and observe.

There are plenty of things that may inspire you if you look carefully. Ask yourself “why” and “what” while looking at people and things, and you’ll discover the stories you were searching for.

2. Listen to music and dance.

Take a break and listen to music you enjoy. Music elicits a lot of emotions, helps to relax and definitely inspires. And f you are the active type who doesn’t like to lie on the sofa, you could listen to music and dance! Dancing, you won’t just relax, but also train your body while enjoying the whole process.


Mark Schaefer is an educator and marketing consultant specializing in social media workshops. He blogs at Businesses Grow and is the author of several best-selling marketing books including Return On Influence.

Inspiration is all around us. I get ideas from items I read or broadcasts I see on TV. It might be from a reader’scomment on my blog or a question posed by one of my students.  I think most people have the same experience. The difference is, they are not actively thinking about story ideas and then methodically capturing them.  To be a great content creator, you have to have a “nose for news” and constantly record your ideas.

3. Read books.

Reading is an excellent source of inspiration. When you read an amazing book, you don’t even need to look for new ideas, because ideas will come to you from the pages of a brilliant book. You’ll be motivated to improve, and that will move you forward. Savoring each perfect word or a phrase used by the writer, you may want to improve your own writing style to become even better than the author.

4. Go for a walk.

When times get tough and words do not flow, go for a walk. Getting some fresh air, moving and not thinking about problems will definitely clear your head. You’ll be surprised to know that a great idea or inspiration comes when you’re not thinking about it. Just do something different and you’ll arrive at your goal.


Pam Didner, selected as one of B2B’s Top 25 Digital Marketers in 2011, is a global integrated marketing manager of Intel. She develops Intel’s worldwide enterprise and small business go-to-market plans. Pam also devotes her time to blogging.

In general, people are my source for great content.  “What’s happening lately?” is usually a good starting point to get people sharing their lives, experiences and stories. Of course, well-written movies and books connecting our deepest emotion with vivid visuals and words is another source of inspiration. Frankly, inspiration is everywhere, if you are willing to pay attention to find it.

5. Have some fun playing online games.

If your head is aching but no new ideas come to mind, relax by playing your favorite online game. You’ll clear up your mind, and then, the necessary ideas will come.

6. Meditate and listen to silence.

Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to be alone and listen to silence. Find some time and place to clear you mind. Just sit still, focus on your breath and let your thoughts spin away from reality. Instead of thinking, you just need to really listen. You’ll be amazed how many fresh ideas will appear in your head. The reason? The ideas were always there.


Mitch Joel is the President of Twist Image, marketer, speaker, blogger and author of CTRL ALT Delete and Six Pixels of Separation.

I’m inspired by everything from a great documentary to a piece of music. I love playing around online in spaces like Twitter and Facebook for serendipity and I’m also a fan of reading other people’s blogs to get their perspective and find out if mine is a little bit different.

7. Listen to your audience.

Participating in discussions and answering your readers’ questions and comments helps obtain new knowledge about people’s real needs and create new ideas for your future stories.

8. Spend time with your family and friends.

Playing with your children or going out with your friends to relax is undoubtedly a great source of inspiration. These are the closest people in your life, people who are always ready to support you any time you need help.

Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett is an online business consultant, teacher, coach, new media industry commentator, writer, speaker, and all-round web geek. He has been involved in several startups and has written for some of the web’s best-loved blogs.

My main source of inspiration for my content is the audiences I serve and my customers. Once you get to the point where people email you or comment with questions, or ask questions in consulting sessions or Q&A, then you know what they really want and need and you can deliver it to them.

9. Read other people’s success stories.

Take an interest in what other people have managed to achieve. Their examples may inspire you to try something new or to look at things from a different angle.

10. Enjoy a work of art.

If you are tired of sitting in from of your computer hoping for inspiration to come, don’t waste your time. Go out and meet it on its way to your place. Visit an art gallery, go to the cinema or watch a new play in the theatre. You will enjoy spending time there and forget about your writing. New ideas will come as soon as you relax.

Mike Agron

Mike Agron is an entrepreneur and award winning author of WebinarReady™. He is also the co-founder and executive webinar producer of WebAttract, LLC.

a. Best practices from an actual case study on how a business or technical challenge was solved.
b. Lessons learned and business value obtained.
c. A great story.

11. Be aware of the latest trends.

Attend conferences and workshops, join different industry-related groups, communicate with people on forums to exchange ideas and understand what the latest trends are.

12. Always stay positive.

This is the most important thing in accomplishing anything. If you enjoy life, accept all the  challenges it gives and perceive them as new adventures, you will assuredly succeed. Surround yourself with positive things and do not let other people drag you down. Enjoy what you do, do only what you love and never give up!

Mark Bonchek

Mark Bonchek has founded ORBIT+Co to catalyze a change in business. His work draws on 20 years of experience as a scholar, entrepreneur and executive. He regularly writes in Harvard Business Review and speaks at leading conferences on orbit strategies.

My personal sources of inspiration for great content are listening to what people around me are talking about.

13. Get inspired by your colleagues who are doing creative works.

Look at someone who is passionately doing a great thing. Creativity is contagious, so you’ll find your way out of the morass and be able to create something special.

Brice Bay

As a head of EnVeritas Group, Brice Bay provides the strategic vision for the company, identifies and creates new content solution products, and works with his team on new business growth and development.

At, EVG, we draw initial inspiration from our clients: they are passionate about their brands and they need us to be passionate about the work we do on behalf of their brands. Each client brings new requirements and new dimensions to the table each time out, so for our team, meeting the client’s needs and providing them with something they’ve never had before is a great source of inspiration. I’d also say that we draw a great deal of internal inspiration from within our own team. Whether it’s folks literally working side-by-side in a brainstorming session or interfacing with our UK colleagues to adapt processes and work on new projects, we really try to challenge and inspire one another to look at things from different angles, think creatively, and have fun while doing a great job.

Of course there are many other sources of inspiration for creating fantastic content, and there’s no single magic formula that works in every situation.

What do you usually do to stay inspired and always be ready to create great posts? We’d be happy to learn about your experience. Please share your ideas in the comments, below.