107+ Blog Post Ideas for a Rocket Start

With this ultimate list of ideas, you’ll never run out of things to write about. Use our list to get some inspiration, and get writing!

Still wondering why you should be blogging?

So, yes – when done right – blogging is definitely worth spending time on…

Blog Post Ideas by Post Type

1. List Post

Lists are incredibly popular these days. Figure out what will be useful or entertaining for your audience, then write about it! It could be a list of movies to watch, books to read, places to go, restaurants to try – anything at all.

2. How-to Post

Each of us has a unique combination of knowledge and skills. Think of a skill you’ve mastered – it might seem easy to you, but others might not have your confidence. Share your expertise with others.

3. A-to-Z Post

Similar to a how-to post, an A-to-Z post will comprehensively see your readers through an entire process, be it baking a cake or fixing a bike.

4. Pros & Cons Post

Pick a specific thing, notion or idea, and write about its positive and negative aspects. You can make a conclusion, or leave that to the reader.

5. Solution Post

Questions, issues, problems – they haunt us no matter whom we pray to. What’s important is how you deal with them – daily. Find a problem being faced by other people, then offer your solution. Your individual approach is unique, and useful information always attracts attention. Just keep it SEO friendly, check out this post for more SEO copywriting tips.

6. Best-of Post

A joyful and rather easy type of post to write. Get a best-of list and put your own spin on it. French actors in the 20th century. Cars to show off to your crush. There’s such a wide range of topics to choose from. Use your imagination!

7. Сhart Post

A mix between a list post and a best-of post. Pick your topic and then gather, study and analyze the data – and then present it to your readers.   

8. FAQ Post

You might find that lots of people are asking you the same questions, over and over. So why not use them to your advantage? Check which question are the most common, and give thorough but concise answers. This works for writing about your professional field, and questions about everyday life.

9. Daily Post

There can be a charming inevitability about personal routines. Blogging on a regular basis is a proven way to drive traffic to your website. Write about your plans, special moments, favorite places and people you meet, or simply put down a record of your day – the most important thing is to keep to the schedule.

10. Review Post

A book you’ve read, a pizza delivery service or a social media network you’re using – get your story out with your particular experience and your thoughts on it. Share your overall impression of the product or the service. Critically evaluate your experience to make the review useful for your readers.

11. Story Post

Did something extraordinary happen to you today? Or did you see something amazing happen to somebody else? It only counts if you share it! That’s how people have always communicated. Storytelling is in fact so ancient that it’s practically paleo!

12. Opinion Post

A persuasive argument or a judgment. The way I see things probably isn’t the way you do – and vice versa. Share your own beliefs about a specific event, notion, idea etc. The key is to lean on logic, experience and facts instead of emotions and assumptions.

13. Research Post

Find a topic and study it thoroughly, using official sources, documents and literature.

Add references. Make it academic – and impressive!

14. Challenge Post

Remember the famous bucket challenge? It went viral! Across the globe, everyone was getting in on the act – from actors and politicians to your next-door neighbor. Create your own challenge!

15. Public Appeal Post

This one usually raises a question or an issue. It can be addressed to society, an organization or an individual. Be professional and respectful. At the heart of the matter is your request for feedback in a public forum. Bound to generate traffic. Check out this post for more writing strategies.

16. Interview Post

The name speaks for itself in this one. Interviewing a local celebrity will be easy, and a whole lot of fun! Prepare some questions (look through some big magazines for inspiration). Dress up. But don’t pretend to be a reporter – become one!

17. Comparison Post

The goal of this one, naturally, is to compare two things. Maybe you’re thinking of moving. Compare the state you’re leaving to the state you’re going to. Analyze the facts to find the similarities and the opposing features. Grade their importance to you, and show how you came to a decision.

18. Video Post

YouTube has become so popular that it’s a world of its own. Getting traffic to a video you’ve posted to YouTube is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. Videos on popular topics also rank well on Google.

Even More Blog Post Ideas

Just as there are many types of blogs, there are a great number of themes, topics and ideas to write about.

19. Motivational

Motivational posts are in the spotlight these days as the notion gains popularity. Dozens of books and techniques are there for you to draw from in order to fire up your readers for action, whether it’s in a social or business field. But if motivation is the yin, then its yang would be…

20. Just Do It

Unlike the idea that you need to search for motivation, which requires a particular state of mind as well as the right circumstances, this discipline says, “Just do it!” You don’t need anything else, just go ahead and do it. Start writing and reveal your secret to making things happen.

21. Inspirational

If motivation is your Mom, and discipline is your Dad, then Jackie Chan could be your inspiration. Inspiration can come from looking at the examples set by others, who have shown what can be done. And then it’s up to you to show that you can do it just as well – and with your own personal spin.

What our mind sees as a problem can become the solution. Check out this post for persuasive writing techniques.

22. To-do List

These posts are getting top marks from readers. And you have absolute freedom here: from a bucket list of things to do before you die, to a do-it-before-the-government-finds-out-and-bans-it list – write about whatever comes to mind, as long as you think it will be fun for your readers.

23. Just Dreaming

Dream big and put your ideas into words. Or tell your readers about your weirdest dreams and try to unravel their meaning.

24. Gossip Girl

Prick up your ears and eavesdrop for your blog! Post about the hottest news – or make something up based on your own guesswork and assumptions! Join the conversation and have fun – that’s what gossip is all about, after all.

25. Reasons Why

This post is a great choice – easy to write, helpful and entertaining. You get to choose the subject and the explanations, so it’s win-win!

26. Time Management

The pace of life is increasing all the time – organization and getting your timing right has become a key to success. Reach out for time management theories, and find ways to accomplish tasks efficiently. If they’re the tasks that matter most to your readers, even better. Share the results!

27. Weekend Ideas

Weekends happen… weekly! But doing the same thing over and over is no fun. Make a list of activities to fit into your perfect 48 hours, throw away the boring ones, then share!

28. Childhood Memories

This idea is fantastic if you feel like getting sentimental or diving into flashbacks of laughter and carelessness. Tell your readers about the happy moments you had. What was special about your early years?

29. Get Stuff Done – Fast!

Look for ways of saving time and getting even your dullest everyday jobs done in a hurry. Try making a list of dishes that take you less than half an hour to make.

30. Your Life in Pictures

The huge success of Instagram tells us that visual content, such as infographics and high-quality photos, are extremely popular. Study photography, learn how to edit pictures and get clicking!

31. Best Reads

Clearly, you can read! You’re reading this great list of blog ideas! And clearly you have readers… who will probably love to read the same sorts of books that you love. You get the point…

32. Get Sporty

Sport and exercise is a hugely profitable market… your readers will love to get the feeling you’re looking out for their wellbeing. Make a list of your favorite sports to attract attention, and promote your own wellbeing as well.

33. Never Again

Writing about this topic can be hilarious. Use your own experience to recall the biggest mistakes you’ve made or the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Transform your anecdotes into priceless advice.

34. Must-see Moments

An underwater wonderland, an underground techno party, your child’s first steps – there are some things in life that you simply MUST see. Those remarkable, breathtaking, special moments… Share them!

35. Start-up Ideas

If your audience is made up of businesspeople, a list of start-up ideas will draw attention to your blog. A winning idea for a start-up will make a real stir! Get creative and brainstorm – surf the web, do whatever it takes – and come up with a good one.

36. Out-of-the-box Ideas

An idea that is out uncommon or unusual is sure to draw attention… opposite to the boring, standard fare. It works

37. Interview Yourself

This is a great way to become closer to your followers. The advantage is that YOU choose the topics  and the questions. Throw in some slippery questions as well, and you’ll come out looking really great!

38. Living Legends List

Find the influencers in your industry and interview them for a blog post. There’s potential for it to become viral. The key to success – and the way to expand your audience – is to talk to the real movers and shakers.

39. I Hate This

Each of us stumbles across a bazillion things, people, events… Some we like, some we don’t… And then there are the things that simply drive us mad, aren’t there? Blog about those things!

40. Have Some Fun

Telling a joke or recounting an odd story is a way of creating a better connection between you and your audience. And it won’t overstrain your brain!

41. Tell Them About Yourself

Readers love taking things to the next level. Share something new about yourself – even a secret. Let the private become public.

42. The Best Blogs in Your Industry

Writing a successful blog requires you to be in the loop, following other bloggers, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, gaining more experiences. So why not share the websites you spend the most time on? This also helps to make friends and build relationships.

43. Share Your Plans

Make a post where you list your short-term and long-term goals.

44. Play Mythbusters

Mythbusters was such a popular TV show. So why not use the concept? There must be stereotypes in your business to bust!

45. How About Favorite Quotes?

I love quoting lines from movies, TV shows and books that have made an impression on me – everyone does. Should it be a pearl of wisdom from Gandhi, or one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rules to success

46. Your Rules for Success

A list of advice based on your own experience – your triumphs, as well as your failures. If you don’t have rules, maybe now’s the time to create some!

47. Name Your Idols

Many of us have people we idolize and adore – maybe you even follow their blogs! Write about a person whose opinion really matters to you, and who you’d like to get to know more about.

49. Share Your Achievements

Share your achievements with your audience. Include your best sales results or your greatest professional projects – or get personal and share how many sit-ups you can do before it starts to really hurt!

50. Go Visual

Adding pictures or photos can say a lot about your personal style. Sharing your life is not just about words – it’s also about how it looks. Add some graphics to catch your reader’s eye.

51. Got Any Hobbies?

Writing about your hobbies is a nice way of getting a bit more personal with your readers. Or, if your blog is already dedicated to your hobby, make a post about your job or your career. Share your “dark side” with your readers!

52. Share Professional Literature

Books, magazines, web resources – if they’ve helped you in any way at all, your clients will probably find the information useful too. So blog about them!

53. Write a Legend, Story or Fairytale

A rather neat warm-up idea for to stoke your creative fire, as well as a way to provide your followers an interesting read.

54. Spin It Backwards

Run through the history of your blog, and tell them how it all started. How did it evolve? Let your followers know what was happening behind the scenes, in your personal life or your business life. You could even include some flashback links to your favorite posts.

55. Share Your Company Story

What are your company’s rituals? What are the great things you do as a company? Which traditions or holidays do you celebrate? It’s time to share a photo and tell a story…

56. Share Your Blog Stats

It’s always interesting to know how a business nearby is doing. If it’s not too confidential, share your data!

57. Thanks to You, Dearest Readers

Start your post with “My dear readers…” and address the people who follow you. Thank them for their attention, or ask for feedback. Write freely, as if you were speaking to an old friend.

58. Who’s on Your Team?

Write a post about your co-workers, be they writers or editors, management staff or the HR division. Introduce them to the public and give them the credit they deserve.

59. Start a Discussion

Use a controversial quote, an open question or a scandalous piece of gossip to create a spark. Then, with the wind of people’s attention, the fire of debate shall blaze.

60. Bucket List

If you haven’t put together a bucket list yet, write one for your blog! It’s liberating to realize how many things there are yet to do, and how much time you have to do it. So, what’s on your bucket list?

61. Science News in Your Industry

Help your readers catch up on what’s new. Breakthroughs happen daily. Look for something interesting. Dig deeply, then retell the story in simple words. But make sure it’s fun – something about black holes is better than something about Aspergillus mold.

62. Must-visit Conferences

Are there some must-visit industry events in your field of work or study? Find out! Make a list and share it with your audience. Help your readers catch up and be aware of what matters.

63. How to be Productive

Share your company know-how. There are specific things that you or your company excel at. Share those with your audience. They’ll begin to see you as experts, and they’ll drop into your blog as their first port of call for information about your field.  

64. Write a Gratitude Post

Sure, Thanksgiving is traditionally an American celebration, but it’s a tradition worth keeping. Make your own thanksgiving event by stating your gratitude for the people who are important to you.

65. Co-create

Collaboration is always a good idea. Invite a blogger you like or follow to work with you to create something together, for mutual benefit. Write a blog post together and share it in both blogs. That could double your audience! Pick a topic for you both to write on, or decide together.

66. Think Outside the Blog

Start a parallel project on a different web platform – a brand-new website, or an account on your favorite social media platform. Think outside the blog, and don’t forget to share your new innovations in a blog post.

67. Brainstorm for Success

Still don’t know what to post about? Actually, you do. According to research, brainstorming can “give you results that go well beyond generating ideas … improved coordination, and faster implementation of those concepts”. Dig up those ideas from the depths of your mind.

68. Repurpose Existing Content

Take an old blog post and provide an update. Or change the ratio of text to visuals. Pictures, videos, and infographics all make it easier for your followers to keep up-to-date – they make it easier and more fun to digest the information they’re seeing. In these times of content fatigue, that’s a necessity.

69. Make a Toast

Raise a glass to all those people who believe in you and help you out whenever they can. Toast the haters as well – they teach you to follow your own path and keep your head up. So make a toast to all the people you meet, because each and every one of them is part of your life.

70. Run a Contest, Quiz or Competition

Organize a contest for your followers! Make a list of the top results, and maybe even award some prizes for the best. The topic of the contest can depend on the topic of your own blog, and your own talents.

71. Make a Videocast

Showing up in front of readers online is engaging and entertaining. Answer their questions, and respond to their requests and suggestions. Feedback is really important if you want to improve your blog. Do it during the day, while you’re working, to spice things up!

72. Upcoming Must-Visit Events

Look for upcoming events and add a whole calendar to your blog. Add a short description of each event, saying what’s special about, where will it be held and whether or not it’s free.

73. Clock Countdown

Pick an event or set a goal to achieve. Give yourself a set amount of time to achieve your goal and start the countdown. Raise the stakes by putting in place a condition about what will happen if you don’t get it done on time.

74. Write About a Charity

Being socially responsible gives weight to your profile. We all need to do our part to help those in need. Reaching out and helping other people will give you more satisfaction than you could imagine.

75. Time for an Information Diet!

In search of inspiration, sometimes a day or two of silence is what you need. It might sound crazy, but if you try to forget about blogging for a week or so, get some good sleep, and go for a walk or a swim then your subconscious will start to kick in. After an information diet, you’ll be full of fresh ideas – then you can strike while the iron is hot and get writing.  

76. Before and After Comparison

Be visual for this one! Show the progress you’ve made on something you’ve worked on – change can be inspiring.

77. Run Web Polls

Post some questions for your readers so they can vote on your blog’s activity, content, development, and direction… This way you’ll get some real data about what your readers desire and expect.

78. You’re Ace

Are there people who deserve the title of “ace” in the area you blog about? Whether you’re writing about a business or a hobby, list the achievements of people who are doing fabulous things. What makes them best among the rest? What can you learn from them? Why not dedicate a post to this theme?

79. Visit a Local Exhibition

If you can visit an exhibition or event that relates to your professional field, you can kill two birds with one stone. Add some great pictures to make a full-scale report. Be the person in the know – the person who can update the people who missed out.

80. Make a Manifesto

Publicly declare your aims and personal growth plans, so you have no chance to go astray. Use Dale Carnegie’s manifesto for inspiration, but be creative.

81. Run a Webinar

Hosting an online workshop is a great way to attract extra attention to your blog and gain a reputation for sharing useful knowledge. Think about the techniques and tricks that you’ve mastered, and figure out how you can be helpful to your readers.

82. Share the Content of Influencers in Your Niche

Promote the bloggers you like and find useful. Share their posts or leave a review on their website. Hopefully, they’ll visit your website in return – and repay the favor.

83. Once Upon a Time…

Why not tell an entertaining story about your profession? Give an insiders’ perspective by writing about some odd situations that you’ve been in over the years of your working experience. Epic fails? Big wins? Funny moments? Be a storyteller for a while.

84. Hip-hop Stylings

Try writing a post in a hip-hop style. Adapt your text to the beat – try to rap it. A good rhyme with a decent flow will definitely attract your reader’s attention.

85. Make a Combo Post

Use two or more approaches and ideas from this chart and come up with a creative combo blog post!

86. If You Want my Advice…

Help newcomers to your industry dive in and discover how to be as productive as you are. Just share some wisdom based on your professional life and your years of experience in the field.

87. Use Infographics

Infographics can boost your blog’s readability. As a combination of statistics and graphical material, they make it easier for your readers’ brains to receive and digest information.

88. Invite a Celebrity

Whenever a well-known person shows up, they attract a load of attention. If you have the opportunity to create a tutorial with someone whose name is on everyone’s lips, readers will be like bees to a honeypot.

89. Visit a Workshop

Professional development and gaining new educational experiences is essential in this fast-moving world. Make a note of everything that might be useful for your followers, and make a report to share the knowledge you gained.

90. Recent Discoveries

All of us come across a wealth of information, news and findings daily. Talk about the most useful and unexpected things you’ve been reading about recently.

91. Review Free Tools in Your Industry

Make a list of the best free tools in your industry. This type of post is great to attract like minds.

92. Update Your Old Blog Posts

This is a proven way to generate more blog traffic. Add more content to the posts that have performed well for you. An easy way to boost your site traffic.

93. Predictions & Future Trends

Have you ever come across blog posts that make predictions for the years to come? People love reading about future trends. A great way to attract new visitors, too.

94. Try Newsjacking!

If you’re in the know, jump on that story! Share it before the mainstream media gets to it. Don’t forget the catchy headline.

95. Blog about Readers’ Questions

Carefully go through the comments your site visitors post and look for the most valuable pieces of information. Act on their advice, requests and suggestions.

96. Avoid Cliches in Your Posts

Always try to be original and create unique content – this is an essential element in creating a successful blog.

97. Chicken Versus the Egg

Which came first? This argument has been going on way too long. Share your theory, and put an end to it.

98. Useful Software

Make a list of software that you find helpful. Well-informed readers can end up as loyal customers.  

99. Write Less & Get to the Point

In this time of information overload, it is essential to create just enough content. Think quality, not quantity.

100. Must-do List

The difference between a must-do post and a to-do post is how purposeful you intend to be! Make sure that the actions you list here are genuine must-dos!

101. Write a Pro-post

Share your views and beliefs on a political matter, a social quandary or a challenge faced by everyone every day. If you can back it up with strong facts, even better!

102. Reveal a Secret

Everyone has them – why not share one of yours? Just make sure it’s not the kind of secret that will get you into trouble!

103. Write a Cheat Sheet

Pick a topic and compile a list of links to related posts – to your own blog or to anywhere else on the web. Make sure each link is unique – don’t repeat yourself. That will ensure the cheat sheet is useful to your audience.

104. Why You Do It

Tell about what you enjoy most about your business, or your hobby, or your mission – why are you in the game? Why did you choose to start it? What brings you the most satisfaction?

105. True or False?

Life is full of misconceptions and misrepresentations. Give the real low-down about something that’s near and dear to you.

106. Product Features

Compare your product with what the market has to offer. Showcase the benefits of doing business with your company.

107. Tell Them About Your Company

Humanize your brand by getting a bit personal. By telling a story, you can connect with your customers.

108. 30-day Challenge

Come up with a challenge to motivate your readers. A challenge blog post is a great way to build a community of people working towards a common goal.

If you’re still stuck after reading through these 108 blog post ideas, check out this ultimate guide on how to come up with ideas for your blog.

Where do you draw inspiration from? What helps you to write blog posts?

Do you have some great blog post ideas that should be added to the list? Share them with us in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!