The 15 Best Facebook Posts Ever Written

I’m confident that for most social media managers, the path to gaining engagement isn’t always simple.

While research is pretty clear that visual content reigns supreme, this rule isn’t always absolute:

Engaging Facebook posts

Every marketing professional knows what it’s like to pen a brilliant post, create a custom image, source the perfect quote, and…hear crickets. Your fans just don’t see the brilliance behind your post the way you do. While there’s no substitute for mapping out your brand’s unique buyer persona profiles, learning from the best in the business could be just the inspiration you need.

From insurance to groceries, we’ve curated some insights into the types of posts that can significantly boost your likes, shares, and comments. Without further introduction, here are some of the most brilliant Facebook posts ever written for business:

1. Starbucks

starbucks facebook

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This post is completely brilliant because it’s so easy for brands of any size to emulate. All Starbucks did was showcase their product from an angle their employees see often, but customers rarely get to check out. The results were positively remarkable: over 214,000 Facebook likes!

2. Disney

disney facebook

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The single most-liked Facebook post published in March 2013, Disney’s mini-album of photos of their Epcot resort was a pure visual feast. With over 314,000 Facebook likes, who says you need to stick to just one photo?

3. Zillow

zillow facebook

Opinions. Everyone has them. Zillow was able to tap into this phenomenon effectively in a recent post that acted as an impromptu poll on home decor, pulling in an immense amount of engagement from their 56,000 fans.

4. Coca Cola

cocacola facebook

This post from a soft drink giant isn’t particularly complex, but it’s clear from the over 1,200 Facebook shares it received, that it struck just the right note among the page’s fans.

To learn how to make engaging visual content like Coca Cola’s, check out our article 14 Tools to Create Images for Your Blog Posts in Less than 5 Minutes.

5. Ben and Jerry’s

ben and jerrys facebook

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Sometimes, the most engaging Facebook content isn’t fresh. We love how Ben and Jerry’s have taken full advantage of Facebook’s timeline feature to share their history.

6. Rent the Runway

rent the way facebook

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Not only is fashion brand Rent the Runway’s post a visual feast, their strategy to let their fans “unlock deals” through engagement is sheer genius. It surely hasn’t hurt the company’s current following of 206,000.

7. Forbes

Forbes facebook

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This strategy is simple, easy to apply, and totally scalable. By sharing simple quotes from your blogs, you’ll quickly gain dozens of shares, like Forbes was able to accomplish. Perhaps most importantly, it’s proof that not all of your social media content needs to be visual!

8. Vodafone Zoozoos

Zoozoos Facebook

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In one of the best Facebook strategies residents of the West have never heard of, India-based Vodafone has an entire Facebook page dedicated to their mascots, the “Zoozoos.” Judging from the 30,000 shares the above post received, holiday-related content is yielding remarkable results.

9. Aviva

Aviva Facebook

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What better way to connect with your fans that by providing a highly relevant life hack, like insurance company Aviva, who earned 800 likes and shares with their suggestion for a kids’ activity?

10. Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea Facebook

While we don’t recommend talking about the weather too often, sometimes it can be a highly effective tool to connect with your audience on an emotional level, as is evidenced from Yorkshire Tea’s 356 likes!

11. Walmart

Walmart Facebook

If your current poll-style posts aren’t getting the engagement you’d hoped for, what about presenting a non-verbal option? Walmart’s battle of the likes versus shares yielded over 300,000 votes for the major retailer.

12. Sharpie

Sharpie facebook

Sharpie’s social media strategy isn’t often praised by subject matter experts, and from the example above, it’s clear why. By both showcasing their products and providing an open forum for discussion, they earned 34 shares!

13. Gilt Man

Gilt Man Facebook

Usually, “pushy” Facebook posts aren’t the best practice. But absolutely nothing is certain when it comes to marketing, as you can see from Gilt Man’s post that received 171 shares. Take this as evidence that you’ve got to conduct your own marketing experiments!

14. Lexus

Lexus Facebook

There’s a right and a wrong way to incite discussion on your brand page. Bringing up politics or religion is almost never okay in any circumstance. Asking for your fans’ opinion on something they might not agree with, like Lexus did with their custom-painted vehicle, is almost always a success, as you can see from their nearly 10,000 shares.

15. Restaurant Survey Post

Want to know the secret to having 33,616 people see your Facebook posts? As found, it’s probably a lot easier than you think. In the post above, the brand page simply provided a forum for their fans to talk about something that almost everyone can get behind; eating out.

When it comes to using your personal Facebook, what kinds of brand posts are you most likely to share? Do you like images, videos, quotes, or polls? Share your opinion in the comments!