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Christina Walker

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Using ChatGPT to Write a Research Paper

All these tasks that would have taken you hours, maybe even days, and sometimes longer, can now take just a few minutes or even shorter when you use ChatGPT.

Today I want to talk about the top things that ChatGPT can help you with when it comes to research papers so that you can write your paper much faster.

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Sometimes essay writing is like visiting a dentist – painful, but inevitable. Nobody is interested in student’s personal circumstances. Who cares if you have time and energy for doing that essay juggling work, study and private life? Is your heart broken? Or, maybe, have you spent several sleepless nights? In the eyes of your professors, these are weak excuses for not doing homework. Do it or die.

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Company Newsletter

Social media and blogging may be popular, but email is still one of the most powerful ways to keep and retain a loyal audience and customer base.

The subscription-based nature of email gets you inside your customers’ inner circle without raising their guard, which increases the potential for success – and the backlash if you do it wrong.

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Social Media Metrics

When it comes to social media, there are so many numbers you could track – likes, followers, shares or retweets, and more.

How do you know which are the most important, or even worth tracking at all?

How do you get started with social media for small businesses?

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Boost Traffic with Long-Tail Keywords

If you’ve had a blog or website for very long, by now you probably know 2 important things about search engine optimization:

  • a lot of keywords that seem perfect are too competitive, so they don’t bring in much traffic
  • loads of visitors mean absolutely nothing without conversions
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One of the best things about content marketing is how it builds credibility, amplifies authority, and makes you a thought leader.

But what exactly is thought leadership?

Wikipedia defines a thought leader as someone who “is recognized by peers for having innovative ideas. Thought leaders often publish articles and blog posts on trends and topics influencing an industry.”

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Link Building Strategy

Thanks to latest Google algorithm updates, getting your blog to appear on the first page of search results is trickier than ever. Building links is frowned upon, but you still need links to rank well. So what kind of link building strategy can you use to get the high-quality links you need without incurring the wrath of the Google gods?

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