Best ChatGPT Prompts for Copywriters and Marketers

ChatGPT Prompts for Copywriters and Marketers

Many people find it difficult to create good hints for ChatGPT.

They can open the chatbot and type something simple like “Write catchy content for my website about energy efficient homes.

But in the end, they usually receive banal answers, for example: “Welcome to our website. We have first-class, energy-efficient homes.

That content won’t convince anyone because it doesn’t take into account the key elements that make a ChatGPT copywriting prompts work well. The main components of a good prompt:

  • Length. Let ChatGPT know how much text you need. Do you want 500 words, 1000 words? If you’re not sure, you can search online for the recommended length for a sales page or any other content you’re writing.
  • Type of Content. Specify if it’s for a Facebook ad, an email campaign, a sales page, or something else.
  • Product or Service. Clearly state what the copy is promoting. Is it about insect repellent, a new gadget, or a custom writing service?
  • Target Audience. Describe who you’re trying to reach. Are they homeowners, parents, students, or maybe small business owners?
  • Tone of Writing. Decide whether you want to use a formal, professional tone or a more casual, conversational tone.
  • Call to Action. Be clear about what action you want readers to take after reading the copy. Should they buy the product, sign up for a trial, or contact you for more info?
  • Key Points. Mention any specific details or features you want ChatGPT to include in the text. This could be about the benefits of your services, special offers, or anything else relevant.

When you combine all of these components together, you get an effective ChatGPT copywriting prompt:

Write [length] [type of content] about [product or service] for [target audience] using a [tone of voice]. The call to action of the content is [call to action]. Make sure to highlight [key points or features to include].

Here are a few examples of how you can use ChatGPT to quickly and easily write your own text:

For Google Ads

Write a 90 characters description for Google Ads about resume and cover letter writing services for job seekers using a professional and serious tone. The call to action of the ad is to get clicks on the ad and transitions to our service page. Make sure to highlight the experience in providing resume writing services, confidentiality, quality and reliability of services.

For sales page

Write a 500-word sales page for online English learning course targeting immigrants in the UK using a professional and motivational tone. The call to action on the page is to sign up for a free trial online English course. Make sure to highlight that this online English course is a great way to learn speaking and listening skills, and after completing the course, expats will have the opportunity to get a higher-paying job.

10 Amazing ChatGPT Copywriting Prompts

One way I like to use ChatGPT is to brainstorm content ideas that will appeal to your target audience. You can use this prompt to come up with ideas for social media, emails, blog posts, and more.

1. Brainstorm content ideas

Prompt: Come up with [number] [platform] [content type] ideas that would appeal to my target audience of [target audience]. Some of their interests include [insert popular topics or keywords].


Come up with 5 Instagram photo post ideas that would appeal to my target audience of seo specialists. Some of their interests include how to increase traffic, link building, keyword research, content writing, etc.

As a writer, research is important but often time-consuming. You can spend hours reading long blog posts, research papers, or watching hour-long videos. But what if you could cut down hours of reading or watching into mere minutes? That’s what this next prompt will help you to do.

2. Save Hours On Research

Prompt: Read the following content and summarize it into [format, e.g., bullet points], focusing on key points and eliminating anything redundant.

Now, getting expert feedback on your writing is super valuable. And guess what? ChatGPT can act as your writing expert. Actually, ChatGPT can play any expert role you need, like a personal trainer, a chef, or even an accountant.

3. Get Expert Feedback

Prompt: You’re a [niche, e.g., copywriting, accounting, travel] expert. Review this text and provide suggestions to enhance clarity, persuasiveness, and impact for [target audience].

Imagine a client hires you to write an email marketing sequence for their product. Of course, you can write an email campaign yourself, or ask ChatGPT to write the first draft for you by repurposing the client’s existing content.

4. Repurposing Content

Prompt: Create a [number]-part email series using [product name] landing page details. The series should [product introduction], [benefits], [addressing objections], and a [strong call-to-action].


Create a 5-part email series using Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Replenishing Shampoo landing page details. The series should introduce Vegamour GRO+ as a 100% vegan replenishing shampoo, highlighting that it is color-safe, clean and cruelty-free, tackle effectiveness queries versus animal-derived keratins, and conclude with an enticing limited-time discount call-to-action.

It’s crucial to have someone proofread your work before publishing it to ensure that it’s free of grammar mistakes and typos.

5. Proofreading and Editing

Prompt: Please proofread and edit this text for clarity, conciseness, and engagement, ensuring the tone suits [target audience].

Conducting tricky talks with clients, friends or family can be difficult. Just the other day, a friend asked me to review his sales page. Honestly, it wasn’t great, but I didn’t want to upset him. Prompt number six can help you handle difficult conversations.

6. Handle Difficult Conversations

Prompt: Read this email and write a reply that conveys empathy, understanding, and maintains a positive relationship, addressing these points [include points].

Sometimes you need to shorten, expand, or simplify your content. The prompt number seven is all about content adjustment.

7. Content Adjustment

Prompt: Rewrite the following content to be [shorter, longer, simpler].

Understanding your audience is key to good copywriting. Before using ChatGPT to write, help it know who your audience is. That way, it can write copy that connects with them, instead of generic content that no one likes. Use this prompt to guide ChatGPT in understanding your audience better.

8. Research your target audience

Prompt: Please help me identify my target audience. Ask me any questions necessary to fully understand who they are and what my business offers.

ChatGPT will ask you some questions, and your answers will help it know your audience better. Once ChatGPT knows who your audience is, it can write content reflects their concerns, desires, and motivations.

9. Matching your writing style and tone of voice

One common complaint about ChatGPT is its robotic writing style. People often find it doesn’t sound like them at all, so they have to rewrite everything.

To make ChatGPT match your writing style, there’s a prompt for that.

Just give ChatGPT a sample of your usual writing, like an email or a blog post. Anything that shows your style.

Then use this prompt:

Analyze the following piece of content and let me know what specific writing style and tone of voice it uses.

GPT will analyze your tone and style and give you feedback on how your writing sounds.

Now, you can ask ChatGPT to write anything in your own style.

Here’s the prompt for that:

Using the same tone of voice and writing style, write a [length] [content type] about a [product, service, or topic].

10. Copywriting Formulas

If you’re new to copywriting, you might not know all the different copywriting formulas. But don’t worry, ChatGPT is aware of this.

Let’s start with the first prompt:

Make a list of all the most popular copywriting formulas used by writers and marketers. Such as AIDA and PAS.

GPT will generate a list of all well-known copywriting formulas.

Now we can use specific prompts to include these copywriting formulas in our writing.

Second prompt:

Write a [length] [content type] that sells my [product or service] to my target audience of [target audience] using copywriting formula [copywriting formula name] and using a [tone of voice] tone.


Write a 250 words reddit post that sells my content marketing services to my target audience of small and medium businesses using copywriting formula PAS and using a persuasive tone.

5 ChatGPT Prompts for Content Marketing

Improve your blog post writing process by incorporating storytelling into your introductory paragraph. It captivates readers, adds depth, and makes your content relatable.

By backing up your claims and arguments with relevant data points and statistics, you can demonstrate to your readers that your content is well-researched and informed.

1. Storytelling, Stats and Data

Prompt: Write a blog post on [topic], use statistics and data throughout the article, citing sources, and write an introduction in storytelling format.

The combination of storytelling and data in your blog posts makes it easier to modify and adapt your content to suit your specific goals and objectives.

2. Get Interesting Facts

Prompt: Please share some interesting statistics on [topic] that few people talk about. Please cite your sources.

This prompt gives me ideas for blog posts, social media content, and podcast episodes.

3. Content Writing Ideas

Prompt: What topics does [URL] discuss the most frequently?

This is one of the easiest ways to find out what your competitors are talking about. It will give you specific ideas of what to blog about.

4. Marketing Email Writing

The next prompt is to create subject lines for cold emails. These could also be used for subscriber emails, autoresponders, or newsletters.

Prompt #1: Write me multiple subject lines for a cold email related to a [product or service].

You can then ask ChatGPT to write the body of the email based on the existing subject line.

Prompt #2: Write me a cold email talking about a [product or service], the benefits of it, as well as a call to action for hopping on a call and talking more about it. The subject line: [subject line].

If the email is too long, you can edit or trim it as needed.

We’ve covered emails; now let’s move on to Facebook ads.

5. Creating Facebook Ads

ChatGPT can help you create headlines, body copy for ads, group posts, profile posts, and even descriptions for banners.

Prompt #1: Write me multiple Facebook Ad headlines for a [product or service].

We’ll use the results and create ad copy based on it.

Let’s continue.

Prompt #2: Write Facebook ad copy from this headline: [headline].

You can adapt these prompts to suit various purposes.

I used Facebook in the prompt, but you can also use it for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media sites where you need to write marketing text.

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