With technology and internet marketing trends changing so fast these days, it can be hard to keep up. Social media is an excellent example. Which platforms should you use? How often should you publish updates? What kinds of content should you publish?

Don’t worry – getting started with social media for small businesses doesn’t have to be hard.

It will take some research and experimentation to find what works best for your business and audience, but following are the basic steps every business follows to start using social media.

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Content marketing is powerful, but with blogging, article marketing, content curation and more, there are tons of options to consider. How do you know what’s right for your business?

The biggest choice in content marketing is content curation versus content creation. Many successful businesses depend completely on one model or the other, but most use a mix. Why?

Because content curation and content creation have vastly different goals.

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The best thing about Twitter is the real-time interaction it allows businesses to have with partners, vendors, customers, and prospects. But the best thing is also the worst thing: to have real-time interaction, you have to be on Twitter all day, and in business you can’t afford that.

Unless you can hire a full-time social media manager to tweet, post updates, and otherwise engage with people online, you need to plan your tweets ahead of time and use a platform to publish them for you.

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Although content marketing became popular and powerful thanks to SEO and blogging, it applies to many other marketing initiatives you could pursue for your business. Email newsletters are the perfect example.

But like business blogging, newsletters for business sometimes have a bit of a learning curve.

If you’ve been wondering how to write a newsletter, the good news is it’s relatively easy. Once you make all the preliminary decisions about your e-newsletter, then all you have to do is plan the editorial calendar, get everything written, send it out, and track the results.

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Content marketing is only going to get more impactful, so if you’re not on the bandwagon already, now’s the time to jump on. If you’ve been hesitating because this type of online marketing requires so much content creation, get ready for good news:

You don’t have to create all that content yourself.

Most of the content you publish should be your own, but you can also curate content for your business blog. Content curation saves you time and helps you build relationships with other businesses and blogs.

By gathering the very best content planted on the web about a certain topic and giving it a new life, you offer your customers both high quality and added value, making them trust you and come back to you for more.

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