Twitter Scheduling

The internet is the great equalizer for small business marketing, especially with the advent of social media sites where you can reach millions of users. The problem is, it’s easy to get distracted on those sites and waste hours instead of moving on to other tasks.

Enter Twitter (now it’s X) scheduling and social media automation, which have a lot of strong supporters – and strong opposition.

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successful outsourcing

If you’re under the impression that outsourcing is a dirty word, you may be shocked to know it’s actually pretty commonplace. 35% of firms in the US outsource some component of their work, and 44% of B2B companies are currently working with outside contractors on content marketing.

In other words, if you’ve consumed branded content in the last week, there’s a pretty good chance it was the result of content outsourcing.

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Every day, 55 million Facebook statuses are updated. The stream of information on the internet is staggeringly fast. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has stated that every two days, the amount of information published online is equivalent to everything created between the dawn of time and 2003 – 5 extrabytes of data. The internet has fundamentally changed the way consumers discover information and connect, and one of the most significant ways is the rising concept of digital influence.

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Content marketers love earning page views. There’s nothing that feels better than putting hours of hard work and mental elbow grease into a blog article, and watching it pay off as the content make the rounds on Twitter and rack up thousands of hits.

However, I’ve got some news that’s probably no surprise for you.

Your CEO is probably more interested in leads. Not just any leads, either. Sales-qualified leads with an interest in buying your company’s product.

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The science of content marketing is much bigger than publishing an occasional blog. Custom content has grown into a 43.9 billion dollar industry, and even skeptics have to admit that it’s serious business. The best content marketers are wizards who are able to blend writing, multi-media content, PR, social media, and networking into a comprehensive online presence. It’s hard work, and there’s no room at the top for branded messaging riddled with content marketing mistakes. To both amuse and inspire your quest for excellence, we’ve curated some cartoons which brilliantly illustrate some of the most common pitfalls:

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Your marketing strategy will never be complete if you don’t maintain a social media presence. Just like with anything else, taking proper care of your accounts can be extremely time-consuming and ineffective unless you have the right tools at your disposal. If you don’t have time to experiment with a large variety of tools in order to find one that is right for you, a good idea would be to consult several experts. Luckily for all of us, a few social media influencers were very helpful and told us about their most favorite social media tools.

Happy expert

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Content Marketing Graph

It’s no coincidence that the entrepreneurship and content marketing trends went up around the same time. All businesses can use content marketing, but startups need it the most. Why?

  • To spread brand awareness
  • To improve SEO on a brand-new website
  • To build trust and authority
  • To engage with customers, leads, and fans

Plus, content marketing for startups is cost-effective, so it helps you maximize the return on a limited amount of funding.

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