Amazing Resources for Creating Buyer Personas

There’s a lot that goes into effective content marketing. You need a lot of different kinds of content, you have to figure out how it all fits into your buying cycle, and your content has to adjust to the different media through which you share it.

measuring content that fits your buying cycle

So how do you do all that effectively?

By creating buyer personas.

These hypothetical representations of your target audience’s fears, problems, stumbling blocks, favorite places online, and preferred types of content help you tailor your content and approach people who are most likely to do business with you.

I scoured the web to find the best resources on creating buyer personas and aligning them with your content marketing. Once you fully understand what makes your customers tick, you can become the solution they’ve been looking for.

Understanding Buyer Personas

This resource created by Adele Revella, an expert marketer with over 25 years of experience effectively using buyer personas, can teach you the basics and best practices of crafting good personas and using them in your business. She also offers workshops and coaching for in-depth and hands-on training, as well as a blog, templates, and other free resources.

Ideal Customer Profiles vs. Buyer Personas


Written by another very successful B2B marketer and customer persona expert, this article explains the difference between ideal customer profiles (information on the types of companies that buy from you) and buyer personas (the actual people or customers who buy from you). Knowing the difference can help you create more successful profiles and personas.

Creating Buyer Personas

9 Questions You Need to Ask When Developing Buyer Personas

from HubSpot

These are the types of questions you ask your sales and marketing teams about your customers. Use them to guide your research and help you craft better interview questions.

20 Questions to Ask When Creating Buyer Personas

from Sigma Web Marketing

This article lays out sample questions and processes for conducting interviews with actual customers. Remember to ask open ended questions like “Why?” or “Tell me more” to focus on behavior and figure out what makes your buyers tick.

How to Build Better Buyer Personas to Drive Killer Content

from HubSpot

The pioneers in inbound marketing share a simple 3-step process to creating customer personas you can use to support all your content marketing initiatives.

Creating Buyer Personas Template

from HubSpot

Once you’ve identified the demographics, needs, and behavior of your target customers, use this free template the inbound marketing experts created to put together all the pertinent information about each persona in an attractive package everyone can easily use.

Improve Your Targeting and Tell a Story

from Qualaroo

This handy article briefly outlines how to create customer personas and offers tips for using them effectively. The author also gives some metrics to help you know when your personas are complete.

4 Common Persona Mistakes to Avoid

from Content Marketing Institute

Written by the leading authority on buyer personas and the creator of, Adele Revella, this article illustrates the biggest mistakes marketers make when creating personas and provides lots of tips to avoid these blunders.

Aligning Content with Buyer Personas

aligning content with buyer personas

Create a Buyer Persona-Based Content Marketing Strategy


This article defines what it takes to turn the knowledge of your target audience into a powerful content marketing strategy. In addition to customer personas, you’ll need to understand context and find compelling topics.

Storytelling, Positioning, and Personas for More Effective B2B Marketing

from TopRank Blog

The author of this article asserts that buyer personas can help you stake a more solid and memorable position for your company and craft more compelling stories for your business.

7 Companies That Totally “Get” Their Buyer Personas

from HubSpot

Wondering how content that is well-aligned with customer personas actually looks like? This blog post from the inbound marketing experts lists a mix of businesses that get it right – and reap the benefits.

How has creating buyer personas improved your content marketing? What other resources have helped you? Please share in the comments below!