11 Buzzwords to Use in Your Blog Posts


Creating share worthy blog content is an art that many bloggers seem to struggle with. Instead of following a well-defined content marketing strategy, they rely on luck for their posts to get some social love.

That, obviously, is the wrong to go about it.

Over the years, successful bloggers have converted this art into science, and have closely studied every factor that leads to creating viral blog content. While there are a number of things that contribute to a blog post’s social potential, using high impact buzzwords comes close to the top of the list of factors that make people share blog content.

Buzzwords make people notice your content and trigger immediate action by creating interest. Here are 11 buzzwords that you should use in your blog post titles and body content for increased social sharing.

1. Surprising

When used within the post title and body content, the word “surprising” immediately catches the attention of your readers. It creates a sense of curiosity among the readers and makes them explore your content further. That is also the reason why posts using this word often gets shared more, since people tend to share surprising facts and news with their friends more.

2. Critical

“Critical” is another high impact word that makes blog content more shareable. It signals to the readers that your content has outlined the most important points on a certain topic.

3. Science

This is a rather surprising inclusion for me personally. But data suggests that the word “science” is used in lots of different contexts. It doesn’t always refer to something scientific. Instead, it is often used to describe something calculated, well-documented and tangible, and that is the reason why it triggers social sharing as well.

4. History

History, again, is often used in different contexts rather than the literal meaning of the word. Like the word “surprising”, “history” also creates a sense of curiosity in the readers and engages them more as compared to other words.

5. Huge/Big

“Huge” or “Big” are impact words that point towards something extraordinary. Using them in your blog content and post titles will make readers believe that your content discusses something out of the ordinary and is worth reading. The same effect applies on social media users as well, which is why blog content with these words gets shared more.

6. Hacks

“Hacks” is one of the most tempting words for readers on the internet. Like some of the other words on this list, it is also rarely used in its literal meanings. Instead, it is used to describe a shortcut or backdoor access to something that is normally hard to reach. In today’s world where nobody has nearly enough time, everyone is looking for shortcuts, which is why posts with the word “hacks” in their title attract more social shares.

7. Powerful

The word “powerful” signals to the readers that your content discusses high impact factors related to a particular topic that can help them achieve their goals more completely and in quick time.

8. Smart


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“Smart” has a similar effect as the word “Hacks” since both of them point towards quicker solutions to a particular problem or topic. And as I mentioned earlier, people tend to share content that mentions shortcuts.

9. Effective

“Effective” is another one of those high impact words that makes blog content more shareable and drives action from readers. Using it in the headlines of your blog posts will make readers believe that your content covers a certain topic in a focused and comprehensive manner.

10. You & Your

“You” and “Your” are probably the most important words on this list, not only because they trigger more shares (directly and indirectly combined) than other words on the list, but also because they engage the readers much more quickly than any other buzzwords.

Highly successful bloggers like Neil Patel emphasize the use the words “You” and “Your” throughout your blog content. It changes the voice of your content from third person to direct conversational, and this is what triggers shares as well.

11. What, Which and When

The words “What”, “Which” and “When” are used to ask questions. Using these buzzwords in the body content of your blog posts would keep your readers engaged throughout the post. Using them in the titles would trigger curiosity in the readers’ minds and make them click and share the post.

Wrapping Up

There are many other factors that contribute towards creating a viral blog post. But using these words, ones that have been proved to drive more social shares, will increase your chances of attracting more traffic from social media websites.

Do you use buzzwords in your blog posts to maximize traffic and exposure? Which ones work best for you? Share with us in the comments!