35 Killer Blog Post Ideas for Your Business Blog

Killer Blog Post Ideas

To build an awesome business blog, regular updates and original quality content are unquestionable. The task itself is quite challenging, and one of the first questions raised is where to get the ideas?

How do you come with content so magnetic it will both draw traffic and spark interest of prospects and clients to be shared everywhere online? Copyblogger suggests a variety of tricks, from Google Alerts to mind mapping, or you can start by reviewing the following blog post ideas:

Industry News

Always stay on top of what is going on, and try to be the first one who covers the news.

Company History

Get back to your roots and do some background stories. Whether you are a family business or a group of enthusiasts, make your history your competitive advantage.

A Single Day In Life

Learn how to increase engagement with your audience and build trustworthy relations by showing your real selves. Make a short tour inside your office with lots of visuals.

Meet the Owner

Be open and show the person who made it all possible. Proudly introduce your key figures and tell about your investors and advisors.

Meet the Team

Devote a blog post to your team and introduce the folks who make an everyday customer experience so wonderful. Increase your product value by revealing your credible partners and suppliers.

A-Z Product Description

With all the love in your heart, describe your product’s main features and stages of development, and clearly state your unique selling proposition. Tell about the resources and/or materials you use.


Provide a step-by-step guide on how to choose/use/maintain the product. Share practical knowledge on how to accomplish something of vital importance for your audience.

Customer Stories

Use storytelling to introduce your typical customers. Your prospects will find one with whom they can identify.

Company News

Use your business blog to provide regular updates on what is going on in the company; demonstrate your constant progress and evolution.

Product Comparison

Compare your product with similar products in the industry. Show how meaningful what you do is for people all over the world. As an added bonus, searches for similar products will lead to your site.

comparison table

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Customer – Product Success Stories

Share the most heartbreaking customer stories related to your product and blog about the way it changes people’s lives for better.

Team Work

Speak about the way your team cooperates to cope with complicated tasks or get through tough times.

Hidden Side of Your Product

Write 10 cool or unexpected ways to use your product/service and don’t forget to add fun visuals. This is the blog post idea you should develop and continue with other types of “Top 10” lists.


Debunk top 10 common misconceptions in your industry that might prevent people from making a purchase.

Talk Numbers

A great blog post idea would be to conduct a survey and go public with a thorough analysis that would interest both customers and niche experts.

Customer Picks or Who’s Your Favorite

Blog about your top selling services/products and discuss their most valuable features.

Staff Picks

Share a list of your own favorite products or product features and discuss what makes them special for you.

Why Us

Blog about company features that distinguish you from your competitors. Show the world why you are the best.

Contests & Giveaways

Start a regular contest or giveaway on holidays and other special occasions.

Customer Interviews

Interview your customers and create a blog post to showcase product benefits through their voices.

Employee Interviews

Interview your employees and let them speak about their roles in the company.

Interview an expert

Interview a niche expert who’ll answer frequently asked questions and share his views on the industry trends.

How-To Product Guide

Helping your customers protect their investment by telling them how to prolong product lifecycle is a blog post idea to be appreciated.

Honest Friday Blog Series

Start an Honest Friday blog series to answer all the questions you’ve received during a week.

Drama Queen

Take a hard stance on a controversial matter to add some buzz and get people talking about you. (A bad reputation is still a reputation, but no need to rush into extremes.)

Fun Stuff

Write a funny story about your product or list the funniest requests from clients. (Don’t overdo it and don’t forget to create a meme.)


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The Best of The Best

Write about the employee of the month and show how great he/she is to clients.

We Care

Make a donation to a good cause or collaborate with a nonprofit organization to truly change this world for the better.

Local Community

Reveal your involvement in the local community life and blog about its importance to you.

Official Feedback

Blog about recognition your company has received from authorities and niche experts.

Instead of a Thousand Words

Display and comment on images of customers with your products.

We Are a Family

Post cool pictures taken at a company event and speak about the importance of team building.

Best Value

Share helpful resources that can add to satisfaction from product/service usage.

The Voice

Social media for businesses is undoubtedly effective when done the right way. Ask people a question on Twitter or Facebook and blog the best replies.

Bring the Cuties

There are things that never get old. Introduce your mascot. Consider writing blogs from your mascot’s point of view.

Are there any blog post ideas you’d like to share? What topics do you think are the most crucial for an awesome business blog? Would you like a professional to create unique blog posts specifically for your target audience?