Infographic: The Benefits Of Business Blogging


Blogging definitely isn’t risky business when it comes to marketing your brand. Over the past few years, it’s shifted to the norm for organizations of every size – according to HubSpot’s research, the average company’s budget for blogging has tripled since 2010. The majority of marketers believe their content marketing strategy is critical or important to their organization’s outreach and reaching sales targets.

Why do marketers love blogging so much, anyway? In short, it’s an incredibly effective way to improve your website’s SEO, build a following on social media, increase traffic to your website, and make your company’s lead generation efforts skyrocket. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, business blogging doesn’t yield short-term results that go away as soon as you stop paying for space on a billboard or time on the radio. Content assets yield dividends over time, and serve as lasting resources for your brand’s current and future customer base.

Whether you’ve been business blogging for years, or you’re just beginning to consider the power of a content marketing strategy, we’ve curated some of the latest and greatest stats on the subject into an all-new infographic!

Business Blogging

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