7 Ways To Get HUGE Traffic From Reddit


For many, Reddit is just a place to browse interesting discussions and share memes, but for savvy marketers, it’s a goldmine of potential visitors. Reddit’s vast and engaged user base can drive thousands of targeted visitors to your site, but only if you know the right strategies.

The traffic Google sends to Reddit has skyrocketed from about 156 million visitors a month last year to an incredible 626 million monthly visitors now. That’s a 5X growth in just 12 months. Such rapid growth from one of the world’s biggest sites is amazing.

Reddit traffic

Seeing this, I decided to experiment with capturing some of that Reddit traffic for my own website. If Google is sending so much traffic to Reddit instead of blogs, it’s worth exploring why.

What began as an experiment turned into a major source of traffic for my site when over 10 000 people visited in a single day, all from Reddit.

Google analytics: Reddit traffic

I continued testing this traffic source and after months of work, I’ve identified 7 effective ways to get traffic from Reddit. And I’m going to share it with you.

1. Build Up Your Reddit Karma

Before you think about posting links to your site, you need to build up your Reddit karma. Karma is a reflection of your contribution to the Reddit community, and without it, any self-promotional posts will likely get banned. Aim for at least 1,000 karma before posting any links. Participate in various subreddits, leave meaningful comments, and be genuinely helpful. This builds a positive account history, making it less likely that you’ll be flagged for spam when you eventually share your own content.

Reddit karma

2. Join Lots of Subreddits

Don’t limit yourself to one or two subreddits related to your niche. Broaden your reach by joining a variety of subreddits, both broad and specific. Stay active by posting and commenting regularly. Share links to well-known websites and interesting stories, not just your own. This shows that you are an active and engaged member of the community, rather than someone solely focused on self-promotion.

Popular communities on Reddit

In one of my experiments, by being active across 22 different subreddits and making 55 comments in just six days, I created a robust presence that made my posts more trustworthy and less likely to be flagged.

3. Find stories trending in other subreddits

One of the most effective strategies is to find stories that are trending in other subreddits. When you identify a story that’s gaining traction, write your own article on the topic with your unique spin and post it on your blog. Then, share your article in a different but related subreddit. This strategy leverages the viral potential of existing content and directs that attention to your own site.

Reddit trending stories

4. Create Your Own Subreddit

Creating your own subreddit can be a long-term strategy to drive traffic. Your subreddit doesn’t have to be in your niche directly, but it should be a place where you can eventually share links to your content. Start by building a community and posting valuable content from various sources. Gradually, as the subreddit grows, you can begin sharing your own links more frequently.

Own subreddit

While this strategy won’t bring immediate traffic, it sets up a platform for future growth.

5. SEO with Subreddits

Potentially the most rewarding strategy is to create subreddits designed to rank in Google. By creating keyword-focused content within your subreddit, you can exploit Google’s tendency to rank Reddit pages highly. This approach is more about SEO than direct Reddit traffic, but it can lead to significant increases in visitors.

SEO subreddits

6. Build Links to Your Reddit Posts

Building links to your Reddit posts or subreddits can significantly boost their visibility and ranking in Google searches. When you create high-quality content on Reddit, sharing it across other platforms and websites can generate backlinks.

Backlinks signal to Google that your Reddit post is valuable and relevant, improving its search engine ranking. Higher rankings mean your post is more likely to appear at the top of search results, attracting more traffic to your Reddit content and, by extension, to your website.


The second place in Google’s search results for ‘best writing services‘ is occupied by a block of links to Reddit posts.

Google search

Ahrefs’ backlink checker shows that to achieve such a high ranking in Google search, the webmaster added 1,500 links to the Reddit post.

Reddit post - Ahrefs backlinks

7. Use Multiple Accounts (Shady Method)

Use one Reddit account to post a question about your niche, then use another account to answer it and link to your site. Use more accounts to upvote your answer and leave positive comments to push it to the top. Alternatively, you can pay a social media service to do the upvoting and commenting for you. This method can get you a lot of Reddit traffic, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Google won’t penalize you for it, but it’s still risky.

Reddit post: Question & Answer

These are the strategies I learned from Reddit to attract traffic. Do you think it’s a good idea to try to get traffic from Reddit to your site? Comment to share your thoughts.