20 Rocking Tools for Successful Blogging

Rocking Tools

Surely, success of your blog is defined by your knowledge of the topic. That and the ability to convey your message in a language that would be easy for your audience to comprehend. But if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal, chances of your blog becoming remarkable are pretty slim.

Whether you want to know more about tools for better productivity during writing, better formatting options, or maybe a plagiarism checker, please read on. Each one of these tools has been carefully tried out and reviewed, and only the best ones out there made the cut.

1. WordPress

Described as «free and priceless at the same time», this platform is used by over 60 million people. It is surely one of the best and most popular publishing platforms today.

2. FocusWriter

Who likes to be distracted while working on their next best piece of content? That’s why you need this full-screen writing tool to give your productivity a boost and minimize potential distractions.

3. Feedly

After Google Reader ceased to exist, this news aggregator quickly became its suitable replacement. Adding new sources and discovering new content has never been easier thanks to the minimalistic interface, which you can alter by playing around with the layout and categorization. Also available as an app for both Android and iOS.

4. Pocket

Stumbled upon a video, a news article, or any piece of content you’d like to come back to later on? Put it in the pocket and move on to other tasks. The name of the app is pretty self-explanatory. Save content for future reference from your browser directly, or from other apps, including Twitter.

5. Scoop.it

Perfect for content curation. Research about your topics of interest, add your own sources of content, or browse through suggestions based on the keywords you type in. Some even compare Scoop.it to being «your own newspaper editor»

6. BlogJet

Blog editor/manager for Windows. Gives you a convenient option of managing your weblog without opening your browser. Available for free download.

7. Focus Booster

Ever find yourself struggling to get in the zone? You need a timer to help you increase concentration and alertness. This tool was developed with the Pomodoro technique in mind. The concept behind it is that if you break down your work into 25-minute segments, your focus and productivity will substantially improve. The time of the sessions, however, doesn’t have to be precisely 25 minutes, and can be easily adjusted.

8. TypePad

Another blogging platform that got a lot of recognition among bloggers who write about food, crafts, style, and other topics. Fully customizable blog design, quick and easy publishing, and reliable support service make it a splendid option.

9. Awesome Screenshot

Once again, the name explains the purpose and quality of this tool extremely well. The addon lets you capture a whole page or a tiny region of the screen. If you feel creative or wish to highlight a certain region, you may use arrows, lines, add text, and more.

10. Buzzsprout

If you have a video or audio podcast on your blog, you need to give this cloud service a try. You can access your content without having to download a single thing on your computer.

11. Pebble

This Java EE blogging tool boasts a vast number of features, which can be viewed here. Being able to access Pebble from any web browser makes it a convenient option for those of us who are always on the move.

12. Plagium

Plagiarism checker with an alert system, which is probably the most outstanding feature of this Copyscape alternative. Simply cope/paste the content into the text box and voila! You get to find out whether anyone is stealing your content. Oh and did I mention that the tool is completely free?

13. Tumblr

This content management system actually implements the tumblelog concept. The source code is freely available. The installation process is hassle-free and requires to set up a config.php file and a MySQL database. Once installed, feel free to publish anything from chat logs, to visual content or short paragraphs. Care for a demo?

14. Polldaddy

Whether you need a single-question post or a survey, Poldaddy’s got your back. Customize the survey format, add your logo, save your questions to review later (in case you can’t access the Internet and upload your survey immediately). It will even block multiple responses from the same IP to make the results more accurate. Bonus: it comes as an app for your iPad, too.

15. TickTick

Not exactly a blogging tool, but hey, if you love to-do lists as much as I do, then this is your top pick. The interface is both simple and beautiful, and consists of Lists and Tasks. It’s great for managing daily projects and errands, and you can even add Tasks from you e-mail, or sync TickTick with the cloud.

16. Zemanta

Not a huge fan of spending too much time looking for related articles and images for your blog? Stress no more, this plugin will do the sirty work for you while you can fully focus on writing your content. Highly recommended because of its image recommendation feature and as an overall time-saving tool.

17. Ubersuggest

Effective and easy to use keyword suggestion tool. Literally, all you have to do is type in your topic, and Ubersuggest will do the heavy lifting. Little secret: if you use this tool, you are likely to come across a bunch of keywords that your competitors aren’t aware of. Keep that in mind.

18. FeedBurner

This free tool helps make feeds that will be readable through any device your audience might use to subscribe to your feed, thus making your content very accessible. FeedBurner has a few cool buttons: for example, you can add an option to invite people to subscribe to your blog, and show the current number of subscribers.

19. Blogic

Long story short, Blogic is an easy solution for blog design. This tool simply takes your website design and comes up with a matching theme for the blog.

20. Ommwriter

Another tool that was created to clear out any distractions and help you stay focused. You can choose one out of three different styles, adjust screen brightness, and even play some background music. Ideal for first drafts and free-writing.

Do you have any blogging tools you are excited to try out in 2023? Did any of them appear to be on our list? Let’s discuss!:)