The media was buzzing about the power of content marketing this week. Between the power of content marketing for talent recruitment and growing attention in the tech realm towards tools for content creators, it’s clear that the discipline continues to be embraced by the brightest minds in business.

To inspire your content strategy in the weeks to come, we’ve curated the brightest articles we encountered this week, which range from an honest look at using technology to make your job easier, to an inspiring case study on why content is critical to remaining competitive.

Join us as we review the latest news for marketers:

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Be an expert, or go home. They’re strong words, but they were a key takeaway from a recent interview with Google’s Matt Cutts, one of the driving forces behind modern search. The world’s leading spam fighter revealed a plethora of insights for your content strategy, including a strong recommendation to differentiate. Don’t write something your competitors have already covered; take the time to describe it better than anyone else. Adopt new tools, follow thought leaders, and don’t be afraid to try new tactics in order to produce content that search engines and consumers can’t help but notice. In order to help you elevate your content strategy in the coming week, we’ve compiled 5 of the most brilliant articles to hit the web in recent days.  

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It’s been a pretty dramatic week in the marketing arena. Following the release of Instagram’s new video app, Twitter’s Vine was suffering a decrease in popularity and utilization. Vine responded nimbly this week with 15 new-and-improved features. While it’s anyone’s guess which video app will prevail, companies of all sizes can take a lesson from the agility Vine displayed in responding to their competition.

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Without the advances of bold thought leaders, there would be a lot fewer creative marketing ideas floating around.

Truly great strategy has never been a matter of just accepting the status quo. Throughout history, the most memorable campaigns have been the ones that pushed the envelope. Apple’s 1984 campaign shattered consumer perception of computers as a boring, corporate tool. Volkswagen’s negative “lemon” advertisement in the 1960’s was a definite risk, but it succeeded at casting the manufacturer’s product as reliable, family cars.

Edgy, forward-thinking marketing can make or break a company, which is why we’ve chosen to highlight the thoughts and words of 10 of the sharpest content marketing heroes:

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The meteoric growth of web content has come with a crop of experts, who range from totally qualified to less than able to give sound advice. It’s truer than ever to take advice you find online with a grain of salt, particularly when the health and success of your small business is on the line. There’s blog marketing tips out there that can revolutionize your company, and there’s pieces of advice that are sure to hurt more than help.

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Content marketers love earning page views. There’s nothing that feels better than putting hours of hard work and mental elbow grease into a blog article, and watching it pay off as the content make the rounds on Twitter and rack up thousands of hits.

However, I’ve got some news that’s probably no surprise for you.

Your CEO is probably more interested in leads. Not just any leads, either. Sales-qualified leads with an interest in buying your company’s product.

What if you’ve written a brilliant eBook, sent a link to your entire email list, engaged in hardcore eBook promotion, and no one is downloading it? It’s a heartbreaking feeling.

We’ve compiled some of the most common reasons marketing offers fail, as well as insights on how you can take your eBook promotion from fizzle to sizzle:

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Every content marketer has a dream of penning a piece that will earn the same mass exposure as the uber-viral Gangnam Style music video. While that’s nothing more than a dream for many of us, greater exposure is certainly a goal that’s within reach. Guest posting can help you tap into other blogger’s networks, but it’s time-consuming to form the relationships and deliver original posts.

A relatively little-known option for your marketing strategy is to syndicate content, which carries many of the benefits of guest posting without the attached labor.

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Did you know Google’s search algorithm changes 500 or 600 times a year? Updates to the world’s largest search engine can range from massive to minimal, but a single day rarely goes by without an update. Back in February 2011, Google introduced their Panda update, which affected around 23% of websites, devastated a number of small businesses, and changed the fact of SEO as we know it. It’s unfortunate that many marketing professionals today are a little wary of future algorithm changes, so Google’s Matt Cutts sat down a few weeks ago to reveal some insights on what we can expect this summer:

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