Marketers worldwide are still buzzing about Inbound 13, the world’s largest inbound marketing conference. HubSpot’s annual gathering, held in Boston, drew an astounding 5,300 marketing professionals from 34 countries worldwide. Between over 100 amazing speakers like Seth Godin and Arianna Huffington, an on-site concert and tons of networking opportunities, it’s no surprise the designated hashtag of #Inbound13 was trending on Twitter for much of the conference.

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Sources of Inspiration for Content Creation

Inspiration… A notion that can hardly be explained and, at times, is even harder to find.

Some writers say that only hard work and professionalism will help them to create outstanding pieces of literary art. Others try to assure you that inspiration is of paramount importance for content creation, and without it, all the other frenzied effort is useless.

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Content Marketing World 2013

Quality content isn’t enough anymore. If we had to describe the pulse of the marketing industry, which was on full display last week in Cleveland at the Content Marketing World 2013 conference, it would be the concept of pushing yourself a bit further than ever before. In industry influencer Doug Kessler’s talk at the show, he stated that the biggest challenge in the marketing industry was “an over-reliance on competent, professional, well-made, on-strategy content.” Wait, what?

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